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Woodfire potters Carol and Arthur Rosser have been working at Eungella since 1976 and specialize in salt-glazing and 3 day wood-firings in a six metre long anagama (climbing kiln). Pots from the anagama display a wide variety of surface effects as a result of deposits of wood-ash.

The Rossers make a point of using local materials as much as is practicable and most of their clay is dug in the Crediton area south of Eungella.

To see Rosser pots on the web click on gallery. To make enquiries about these pots phone the Rossers at 07 4958 4554

At right: salt glazed teapot made by Arthur Rosser.

Below: Carol and Arthur and their anagama

Teapot made by Arthur Rosser 

Carol and Arthur Rosser and their anagama kiln

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