Eungella sports

Above and below: the hang gliding ramp at the Chalet

The steep escarpment at Eungella (see photo) attracts hang gliding and paragliding enthusiasts. Paragliders take off at the Explorers Haven and there is a ramp at the Eungella Chalet for hang gliders. Dangerous conditions exist at the township and landings on the Oval should not be attempted.

Other sporting opportunities at Eungella:

Bushwalking An extensive network of graded tracks is maintained by Eungella National Park personnel. The track network can be entered at various places on the Eungella range and at the Finch Hatton Gorge entrance to the park. There is no formal track to Mt Dalrymple but navigation through the rainforest is helped by plastic strips marking the trail. Allow a full day for the trip to Mt Dalrymple and back. It is possible to camp under rock shelters near the top of Mt Dalrymple but the nearest water is some distance away.

Tennis There is a court at the township and bookings to use it can be made at the Explorers' Haven

Canoeing The Broken River Mountain Retreat offers canoes for hire and there is a popular half day trip from The Retreat to The Diggings, with the return journey by road.

Horse riding

Fishing is possible at the Eungella Dam.