Travelling to Eungella


The usual approach to Eungella is by road from Mackay, along the scenic Pioneer Valley. If driving south from Proserpine it is not necessary to go all the way to Mackay in order to reach Eungella. It is possible to cut across from the Bruce Highway to meet the Eungella road from Mackay at Marian, Mirani or Gargett. Driving north from Sarina the best thing to do is to go through Mackay, and when coming from the west from Nebo it is possible to cut across from Eton to Marian.

The road from Mackay to Eungella township and Broken River is sealed and suitable for all vehicles, although the section known as the Range Road is thought by some drivers to be steep in places. Click here for photo. Drivers with caravans should seek local advice if they have any concerns about the abilities of their vehicles. The romantic appeal of Eungella is due to its location, perched at the top of the Range Road, and the rainforest vegetation. The regular moisture required by the rainforest frequently comes with mist which can severely reduce visibility. Driving at night can be particularly hazardous, and for a first visit it is advisable to plan to arrive in daylight

Road sign at Eungella
Dire warning at the top of the Eungella Range

Road sign about 10 km from Eungella township

Left: There is an unsealed road from Eungella to the Eungella Dam and for suitable vehicles this road continues to link Eungella to Nebo and Collinsville or Bowen. Local enquiries should be made regarding the state of these roads at any particular time.

Public transport
Mackay can be reached by bus, train or air.
There are a couple of bus tour services to Finch Hatton Gorge and Eungella:

Reeforest Tours 11 Refalo Drive, Farleigh phone 4953 1000

Jungle Johno 32 Peel St Mackay phone 4951 3728

There are no taxis , hire cars, or local bus services at Eungella.